Thanks for checking out my website! If you would like more information regarding my pricing and deliverables, please send me a message about your shoot. I look forward to hearing from you!

FAQ: Newborn Photography

FAQ: Can you send me more information about your pricing?

You bet! Shoot me an email or give me a text/call and I will be happy to give you a customized quote for what you're looking for.

FAQ: Wedding Photography

I'm interested in getting more information about your wedding photography services. Where can I learn more about your wedding collaboration?

I have a separate website with more details about my wedding photography collaboration with my good friend, Elizabeth. Click on the button below for more information!

FAQ: Mini Sessions

Do you offer mini sessions?

I plan on offering a couple of mini sessions throughout the year. If you would like to be one of the first to find out about my minis, please join my mailing list.

FAQ: Small Businesses

I own a small business and would love new content for my company. Is this something you do?

YES!! I love working with small businesses. I like to work with my clients on a regular basis to provide content that stays up-to-date. We live in an online world now, where social media and web presence is so important. Please contact me about pricing before you discount the idea and think it will be too expensive. I value local and small businesses and try very hard to provide an affordable service to you all.

FAQ: School Photography

I saw some of your school photography work. How can I get my kid's school to use you for their school pictures?

Great question! Please refer them to me via my website or have them contact me at I offer competitive and a la carte pricing so there aren't complicated packages to purchase and everything happens online.


Absolutely blown away by Cathy's talent! She has such great energy and we all felt immediately comfortable. She worked with me on shoot locations and we were ecstatic with her perspective and this is only a selection of the photos she took for us! Can't wait for our next session!

- Kate

Hi Cathy!! I just wanted to say that you are SO talented!! Our session images are so amazing, I couldn’t be happier. WOW!! The girls in their twirly dresses are beyond precious. So stunning the way you captured it! I’ll be making an order soon, but just wanted to say thank you in the meantime!

- Mara